Discover an exciting computer action game where you take an incredible journey through the kingdom of your heart!

Overcome enemies like Pride, Fear, Vanity, and Self-righteousness while navigating an immense world full of traps, mazes, puzzles, and surprises.

Experience four HUGE levels of heart-pounding action!

Saints of Virtue has been one of the top Christian computer games!! We have thousands of satisfied customers, including these ones:
Great action, challenge and life lessons. Playing this game can translate into our walk with the Lord -- practise, asking others for help, praying, trying, thinking, etc.
    -- Katharina S.
A brillant PILGRIM'S PROGRESS for Christian youth. Great symbolism. Let's all play it -- then live it. To Christ be all glory!
   -- Doran
Excellent game, it's nice to have a game where goodness is actually a good thing and fighting for God is seen by ridding ourselves of personal vices...
    -- Jim T.
This is the third time that I have completed this game...The game is very good and I can't wait for the sequel!
   -- William H.
I really enjoyed this game! The intrigue and adventure balanced with sometimes subtle humor and grace. I can't wait to try it at harder levels!
   -- Jay
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Fast-paced and intense action!
Mysterious & surrealistic levels with all kinds of traps, mazes,puzzles, andsurprises.
Daring Challenges of wit and skill.
3-D 1st-person perspective!
Great sound effects andmusic.
Runs on Windows 95/98/2000. Requires DirectX(incl.).
Runs on any Pentium system with at least 32MB of memory.

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The Saints of Virtue game was launched in 1999. While it is over 6 years old...the game still draws interest and people still enjoy playing it. We ran out of production copies earlier this year, and now offer the game on CD at a very reduced price! Thank you for your support!
-- Dave & Mike (creators of Saints of Virtue)

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