The following questions were answered by the developers of Saints of Virtue. If you have any more you would like answered, e-mail them to Saints Email.

1. What is the game like?
You move around in a 3-D like world in real-time. It is a first-person perspective so you feel like you are there. The motion is very fluid. The gameplay consists of fighting against the enemies, solving puzzles, finding objects, overcoming traps, as well as solving the worldly wisdoms. 

2. Is it educational? 
The game is more entertainment-oriented than educational. You will learn verses from the Bible and have to think about how best to use them to overcome the Worldly Wisdoms. 

3. Do you have to be a Bible scholar to play the game?
No, not at all. The game is for everyone. You do need to think about what is said by the Scrolls of Truth though.

4. Do you have a demo?
No, sorry we don't. We don't have one planned as of right now.

5. Do you have multiplayer support or options?
No, we don't. While we like multiplayer games, we did not have the resources and time to add multiplayer capabilities. When we do have multiplayer in a game, we want it to be different than the typical "Deathmatches" found in many games.

6. Will this game be available for Mac? 
We would love to do a Mac version, but our 3D engine only supports PC. The makers of the 3-D engine will not be doing a Mac version and it would take too much time and money to port the engine over to the Mac. We like the Mac though and think it will be blossoming into a great game machine in the near future. 

7. How many people did it take to develop the game? 
We had two people do most of the work - Mike and Dave. Mike did most of the artwork and Dave did the programming, level layout, textures, sound effects, and music. 

8. How long did it take to build the game?
About 16 months. We did not spend all the time on development, but that is the span of time from when we first had the idea to when the game was done. 

9. How did you build the game? 
We used a 3D engine package called GameStudio (AckNex 3). It is made by a company in Germany called Conitec. You can go to their website at to check it out.  They currently have a next-generation engine A4 available.

10. What's next with your company? 
We are currently thinking about new games to do and working on small projects. We would really like to do a world-class game that can compete with major software publishers. However, that takes a lot of money. If you know of any investors who may be interested in funding our development, have them e-mail us at: Saints Email for more info.

Last updated 10/2/00