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Within the spiritual land of the human heart, an ongoing battle for the control of your mind is being waged. Saints of Virtue allows you to assume the role of a young Christian and enter this incredible realm deep within the kingdom of your heart.  Within this allegorical world you will don the full armor of God and do battle with the personified tendencies of the flesh.  These fleshly enemies fight tirelessly to keep you from reaching the Throne Room of your Heart.

The lands through which you must travel represent attitudes and ideas which can keep you from becoming a Saint of Virtue.  Only by finding and correctly using the scrolls of truth can you overcome the worldly wisdoms which block the way.

The Journey is treacherous and long, but you have the Full Armor of God to help you.  The Sword of the Spirit is your primary weapon as a Saint of Virtue.  You must keep it sharp and operational by collecting ammo throughout the game. 

By finding and exploring the secret places within your heart, you will discover special upgrades for your sword that will increase the firepower, range, and effectiveness of your weapon. The Full Armor of God includes the Shield of Faith which is your first line of defense in extinguishing the fiery darts of your enemies.  To keep your shield operational, you will need to find and collect shield power boosters.  As your Shield of Faith wanes, your Spiritual Strength will falter quickly.  You can replenish your Spiritual Strength by collecting Spiritual Strength power-ups and by prayer.

As a Saint of Virtue you must carefully explore every nook and cranny of your heart.  There are many obstacles and traps along the way that will require special items to be overcome. Find the prayer altars and pray for strength, wisdom, and help.  Look up, look down, jump, run, dodge, and duck to find that which is needed to complete your journey.

Your journey, like the process of sanctification itself, is a long and difficult one.  The imagery is intriguing.  The action is intense.  The ramifications are eternal.

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Level 1: The Amphitheater of Apathy
This level represents the tendency to be apathetic as a Christian. You will find areas that include worldliness, despair, loneliness, and media. You must escape Apathy by overcoming these distractions to your Christian walk. The enemies within Apathy that you must overcome are Worldliness and Vanity.

Level 2: The Labyrinths of Legalism
This level is symbolic of a belief system based on works and performance. The enemies of Fear and Self-righteousness lie in wait for you here. Within the labyrinths, you will have to overcome the many traps and find your way through the mazes. Be careful to follow all the rules, but even the rules might lead to frustration and desperation.

Level 3: The New Age Nirvana
This level is representative of one of the most enticing belief systems in today's culture: that we can become our own gods.  Within the Land of the New Age, truth is whatever you want it to be and focusing on self is the favorite form of worship. The enemies, Self-glorification and Arrogance, will fight tirelessly to stop you from destroying the god of the New Age.  

Level 4: The Domain of The Heart
Within this last level you will face the most difficult challenges yet. The Swamplands of Selfishness will bog you down and then you will have to overcome the many dangers in the Ruins of Pride. Right beyond the Path of Perseverance you will be able to reach the Temple of your heart. Somewhere deep within this massive ongoing construction, there lies the very throne room of your heart. Who sits upon that throne...only you can decide.

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Saints of Virtue has a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface. 

Below is the main interface bar for the game:


Much of the commands are done by the keyboard, but Saints also supports joystick and mouse for movement and some actions. Most of the keyboard commands are easy to use with commands like 'U' for use and 'D' for drop and 'SPACE' to open a door. 
You will come across scrolls that are in the game. These scrolls contain Words of Truth. These Words of Truth  are taken from the Bible.
Throughout each level, you will find scroll doors. These scroll doors contain Worldly Wisdoms. You must choose the right Scroll of Truth from your inventory that can overcome the Worldly Wisdom. See Issues below for example.
These include the sword, the sword-blaster, and the sword launcher. With increasing power, you will have to wisely use each weapon. You will find these throughout the various levels.
Shield of Faith power-up
Ammo for Sword
Spiritual Health power-up

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Saints of Virtue deals with some real and important issues of life. One of the keys in terms of gameplay is being able to use the Scrolls of Truth (which are taken from the Bible) to overcome a Worldly Wisdom. Each level has different scrolls and different Worldly Wisdoms. 
An example:

In Apathy, one of the Worldly Wisdoms is: 

   "The one with the most toys wins.

The Scroll of Truth that defeats this is: 

   "Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:20-21)"

We deal with many worldly issues and themes in the game. If you would like to understand some of these issues better, we go into further detail here.

If you have any questions about some of these issues, please contact us

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 If you need help with the game, we have great hints and clues and help for you. And if you can't find your answer on-line, we have a very responsive and helpful customer service. Go to our on-line hints by clicking here.

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