The following are links that we really like and may be of interest to you:

Theology Links

  If you want to investigate Christianity or search for answers about Christianity, you can look at the following:  

Answers to tough questions
Bible Answer Machine
Unravelling Wiggensteins Net-- deep thinking on many Christian issues
Christian Answers -- many answers to Christian problems
Issues that Make Christians squirm -- insightful site that explores various topics

If you have not investigated the Core Issues page yet, this has some excellent links.

Cool Links

  The following links are ones we like and think you might like too:
-- a Christian computer game, check them out!
Cactus Games -- the original publisher of our game
Champion Training -- interactive training program for fathers and sons.
ChristianGaming -- covers Christian games including SOV and Christian perspective on other games.
Sowing Seed of Faith -- great devotional by a former used car salesman.
Memlok Bible Memory System -- here is a system where you can practically use the Sword of The Spirit by memorizing Scripture.
New Jerusalem -- the band that provided some of the music for our game.
Internet For Christians -- nice newsletter to keep up-to-date on Christian websites
Christian Teens @ -- excellent resources & chat areas

Development Links


If you are into developing games or learning about how we developed ours, some of the following links have tools, art, and music that we developed Saints of Virtue with: 

Conitec -- maker of our 3-D engine
Thinkhost -- host of our website
3-D Cafe -- good source of texture libraries
Ransom Textures -- excellent texture collections
Sound Dogs -- inexpensive sound effects
GoldWave -- excellent, inexpensive sound editor
Fresh Music -- great tunes
SoundFX Concept:FX -- super cool sound effects


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