Below are links to press articles and reviews for Saints of Virtue along with some in-depth customer testimonials.

Press Articles/Reviews

Star-Telegram Article on Christian Games:
features Saints of Virtue and what some of our players said.
"'Saints has good action and a really interesting story line. It's right up there in the fun factor'"

Sunday School Software Review:
"I'm particularly proud to recommend it at a time when so many of us are frustrated by the bloody carnage-style computer and video games flooding the market. Saints of Virtue gives parents, kids and churches a popular alternative. Saints was designed by Christian programmers working in the secular game industry. They've built a fascinating 3-D style game with a positive Christian message and exciting game play."

Review @ Christian Computing Magazine:
"Shine has developed what will be the "TCG GAME OF THE YEAR" to beat in 1999! SOV has taken the typical 1st person "shooter" game experience, mixed in some mazes and puzzles and managed to deliver exciting game play and a Biblical message at the same time!
" Review:
see why one family really like Saints of Virtue and they highly recommend it.

Entertainment Weekly Article on Christian Media:
they mention us in a whole sentence! it is:
"This summer, Shine Studios released its first Christian action game, Saints of Virtue, in which players travel within the human heart battling 'the personified tendencies of the flesh.'"

Article on Christian games for teens:
"But parents are finding out about the software just the same. Though they may restrict their children's computer playtime to educational software, many make an exception with Saints of Virtue, because it fits in with Bible studies they do at night."

Review at
read what they say about our game.

Read an interview with one of the developers:
Casual reviews of the game from players in the Valley and those on the game's Internet site range from praise for the music and the "spine" that the Scripture provides, to "Go God! -- When's the sequel?"
(an article in the Fresno Bee...the hometown of Dave Slayback)

Read an article on our game(it's in Portugese):
They seem to really like our game in Brazil.

We've also been featured in New Man magazine, The Scroll magazine, and others as well on television on The 700 Club and The Stream TV's "Just The Facts".

What Our Users Say...

Just a note of gratitude to all you guys at Shine for your work on creating Saints of Virtue! I sat by and observed my son for about a month while he was playing! I even gave it a shot myself! It was very challenging and thought my whole family involved and we all learned a lot! We are a church-going, Christian family and we have the basics down but Saints of Virtue has been a really useful tool in having fun learning God's Word, capturing the principals of truth when it comes to real world issues, and made being a child of God a whole lot "cooler" to my kids. Thanks for helping to bridge the gap this way...Thanks for taking the time and for using > the talents that God has given you to glorify HIM!

-- Pamela G.

As a Dad and a brother in Jesus, I want to thank you for doing the POSSIBLE. You made a game that "is" challenging, fun, educational, 'Christ-centered', and rocks. I have spent several evenings with my kids, tracking through the mazes, paths and hallways; it was a great experience for us all.

-- Will M. & Family

This is a truly AWESOME game!! I couldn't stop playing! Good graphics, awesome gameplay, totally cool soundtrack, and it's got Jesus!!

I really want to commend you guys. This was really a great game. Every time I sat down to play it, I just couldn't put it down! It's got some really addictive gameplay! It's also very creative...Also, I really enjoyed the music. And not just the rockin' soundtrack by New Jerusalem (they rock, by the way). But I liked just the regular level music...t really added a lot of depth to the game!

Plus, the gameplay wasn't just mindless shooting. Sure, games like Doom and Quake have a few little puzzle-solving places in them, but you really had to think and search for ways to get through the levels (those suckers were huge-ung-ulous)! Not only that,
but the premise of the story is also very good!

Overall, I was very impressed with the game! A definite must-have for every Christian gamer! And let's hope it'll open the door for more Christian games by more Christian companies! Well thank you for your time. Bye and God bless!!

S.A. Tujay

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