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When it comes to this generation of young people, Christians are out of excuses for not providing them with world class products for thinking and playing. Today's products are changing the way young people think and act. Digital technology has changed the way products are made and delivered. But what about the content? Music, computer games, videos, TV, movies…there's a lot of awful stuff out there. Awful, instead of awesome. Meaningless, instead of meaningful. Murderous, instead of life giving. Dark, instead of light. What does all this stuff do and who is making it? Who cares?

We think most folks do. Christians too. Their kids are playing the same computer games, listening to the same music, and seeing the same movies everyone else is. Few meaningful alternatives are available. Shine Studios was started to address this need by creating state-of-the-art entertainment and learning products. Especially computer games. Products about human nature, our spiritual nature and nature itself. Our name Shine comes from Numbers 6:25 and Philippians 2:15, "the Lord make His face shine upon you" and "that you might shine like stars in the universe".

What do you think when you see a young person full of life and hope? What happens to them? And how can we help. We can roll up our sleeves and get serious about making fun and meaningful products. World or heaven class stuff. It is possible. Reaching the next generation requires a new generation of products. Products that speaks their language and to their hearts. The need is huge, like almost every kid on the planet. God made kids to shine…like stars in the universe.

Our first product, Saints of Virtue, was released this summer by Cactus Games. We think it is the first in a new generation of computer games. But it is only the start. Computer games have gripped this generation in a stranglehold. The need is so great. An increasing number of games captivate this computer-savvy generation with evil and violence in mind-numbing reality. Computer games are a significant part of youth culture, attempting to fill deep voids in emotions and egos. Kids play with a compulsive search to the find meaning. We believe computer games can be made to help, to inspire, to heal, to teach, and to have fun.

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